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Easiest On-air guest to work with
For the Media:
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The easiest Guest you'll ever work with!
Joseph Can Help You

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(703) 772-9133

What’s your Format: "TOP 40, AC, Rock?"

Joseph has great segments
 which work fantastic in your particular market!

TOP 40

Topic 1:  "Understand your child, self or mate"
Topic 2: "Relationship red flags"
Topic 3: "Are they telling the truth or lying"


Topic 1:  "Forgery Proof Your Signature"
Topic 2: "Really Know Who you’re Hiring or Renting to"
Topic 3: "Statement Analysis"


Topic 1: "Super freak, or Super Chic"
Topic 2: "Identity Theft"
Topic 3:
"Who's about to Go Postal"

"Do you need other sources?"
(Working on a multiple-source story?)

Joseph can provide names and phone numbers of other sources, so you don't have to work hard tracking them down.

"Need a speaker on another topic?"

Have Joseph on your Show, he'll make a great guest, and can be a feature in your next article. 

To Book, Call
Available Nationwide and Internationally.

He can tailor what he shares with your audience about a range of topics.  Joseph can keep things as light and fun as you want, or bring you and your audience the shock and awe your targeted market wants and demands; all in an easy to follow flow and format.

full bio
Easiest Professional to work with ever!

This Leading Handwriting Expert has worked with and studied under some of the best individuals out there in the field:

Katherine M. Koppenhaver, Don Lehew Reed Hayes, Dr. Richard Fraser Carolyn Emery, Bob Byers, Dave Babb, Dr. Joe Alexander, Curt Baggett, ,Bart Baggett, and more.

Your listeners will tune and stay on your dial.

Joseph Zarek is entertaining and fun and creates dynamic, emotionally charged interactive communication between you and your audience, show host and guest, and listener to listener. 

He can reveal things about the hosts, viewers, criminals, and celebrities all just from their handwriting. 

Discover such secrets from what self-made millionaires possess to traits found in criminals, CEO, or so much more..

In addition to being a certified forensic document examination (CDE), this leading handwriting expert can also analyze yours, or anyone else's handwriting to reveal their personality and provide you and your listeners with the perfect dating strategy, employment screening, jury selection, or put them on their own unique path to success they should be on! 

Joseph will reveal all the hidden deep, dark secrets of your host, producers, politicians, and celebrities. 

Joseph also shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your children, spouses and friends. 

Here's a professional, you and the audience naturally and easily connects with.

Full length interviews available with handwriting samples and graphics emailed to you for an easy, visual, intriguing feature story. 

During your interview, Joseph will reveal:

Joseph will share with you the latest controversy occurring in the fields of FDE and Handwriting Analysis (i.e., Check Forgeries and Check Scam, Identity Theft, Karr, OJ Simpson, and more etc...)

Full press kits available for qualified writers/ producers.

| Hosts: How To Prepare For Radio Interview |

| Questions for Radio and TV Interviews |

| Joseph Zarek Biographical Info |

Some areas in handwriting to be aware of:

Red Flags
Statement Analysis
Knowing when they're telling the truth and when someone's lying
Forgery proofing your signature
How successful individuals write
Where your sex drive shows up in your handwriting
How you can raise your child's self-esteem through handwriting
Low Self-Esteem, Extra Sensitive, Health Issues, Drug or Alcohol Use, and more...

All the deep, down and dirty secrets of your hosts,
listeners, and coworkers! 

Joseph knows and will reveal them all to you and your listeners!

Call to book Joseph on your show:
You can also fax requests to: 
Available Nationwide and Internationally

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